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Challenging Through Curiosity

With A Fresh Set of Eyes is an offer of help to benefit from a set of specialist skills targeted at getting your business moving. By taking a nimble approach to problem solving by engaging curiosity, combined with a focus on meeting company and personal aims, looking at things With a Fresh Set of Eyes is often all that is needed to accelerate your transformation goals and get your business doing, not talking about doing.


Discover My Expertise



Modelling the Digital Twin of your Organisation

As the business lead for LINQ Ltd, I utilise the power of the LINQ platform to accelerate business leaders decision making, enabing them to understand how to remove complexity from their business, make more money more easily and deliver better services to their customers.

I use LINQ to deliver coaching and consulting services. From Business Analysis to deliver valuable business cases for change, to identifying the value of the data & information you rely on to be successful. LINQ delivers outcomes 10x faster than other frameworks and methodologies and breaks through decision paralysis.

By building the Digital Twin of your Organisation, based on the value of your outcomes, LINQ helps you prioritise what you should do next to continue being successful. You are able to experiment with change in a risk-free way before you commit to taking any action.



Mobilise Your Culture

Organisations are under all types of pressure to adapt their business to meet the demands of today's consumers. When you're deep in the operation of your business, taking time out to understand what you should do next can be very difficult.


My combination of curiosity, skepticism, passion for simplicity and customer intimacy can provide the thinking time you need.


Focusing on your aims and ambitions, I will enable the conversations and the passion needed to take action. I will help you to understand how to mobilise your culture to achieve your goals and make use of the best technology to ensure your continued success.

I am a proven Business Analyst and Requirements Engineer who can cut through the noise and deliver you the knowledge you need to get your change programmes on the right track.



Engage with Humility

Tempers erupt and tension builds when we forget that we are dealing with people who have their own frames of reference, their own values and most importantly, their own goals in life, which may differ from our own.

By taking the time to understand and align these personal and business goals, I can help you to build a narrative that aligns your passion and create an engagement which ensures everyone knows their responsibilities, the work that needs to be done, where progress is measured and outcomes reflect the goal.

Recognising that we are all just people trying to live our lives, we can remove the ego that creates friction and get to the positive consequence we are all looking for.

Analyzing the data


Learning to "talk data"

Through 2020 +95% of business leaders will continue to make decisions using intuition, rather than data-driven evidence, and will significantly underestimate risks as a result. Don't be that person!


Data Literacy is the new core competency required to develop the decision intelligence needed for evidence-based decision making.


By developing "information as a second language" I will help you to create the vocabulary needed to include data in all of your change conversations. Through this process your information maturity will grow and the speed at which you make the right decisons for your business will increase. The result? You will make more money, or deliver better outcomes, faster than you ever have done before.

I use an Information Maturity Assessment process to understand how your business thinks about data & information and provide you with an action plan which will increase your overall data maturity.


Wellington, New Zealand

+64 27 612 5615

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