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For many, even thinking about change causes cold sweats. You may even choose to ignore the potential for change, deciding that it doesn’t apply to you, you will de-prioritise having to consider it or put it in the “too hard” basket – get to it another day. You’re wrong! The decisions you make today to prepare your business for tomorrow are fundamental to your future success. Leave it too late or get it wrong and there’s every likelihood that you won’t survive.

90% of leaders will continue to use gut feel to make decisions through to 2022. When dealing with today’s Digital Citizen and the demands they have in terms of instantly gratifying personalised services, your gut is probably going to get it wrong. Simply adding technology to your current business process is a recipe for disaster – you’ll get it more wrong, faster.

I can help you see the woods from the trees; it takes looking at the challenge with a fresh set of eyes; a set of eyes who can help you consider the possibilities for success and then take you on a journey to ensure you take your team with you and deliver value for your business based on a clear narrative of what the future looks like.

My approach focuses on all aspect of your business; your information assets - the life-blood of your organisation, the systems you use to create your business value, the way work is done and the people who make it all happen. By understanding how these 4 elements interact and how your information enables you to deliver business value I can help you prioritise the actions you should take to ensure your place in the Digital Economy is assured. I’ve done it many times before – look at my testimonials – and I can do it for you. 

When you work with me, you will benefit from all of my experience which coupled with my ambition to see you succeed, my strong sense of ethic, my empathy for you and your team, and my challenging perspective, will lead you on a change journey with confidence.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


Don't talk - do!


Digital Transformation

You need me if;

  • You can't identify the complexity in your business which is impacting your bottom line,

  • You want to know more about which technology revolutions are relevant to your business,

  • You need to successfully gather requirements for your change and have this presented to the organisation in a consumable way,

  • You know that you need to prioritise what you do, but you don't have a successful methodology to achieve that; perhaps you're relying on gut feel or

  • You need someone to translate the technical jargon you hear into business impacts and outcomes, powered by commercial insight.

I will challenge your view of your business, be empathetic towards your teams interests, inspire people to become positive about change, align with your strategic goals, maintain a level of energy that gets things done and be your change advocate.



Mobilising your products

You need me if;

  • You're interested in a challenger approach to sales and you want to increase your sales messageing effectiveness,

  • Your presales team needs support in articulating the value of your offering,

  • You want to introduce Customer Success into your organisation,

  • You want a creative mind to help market what you have to sell.

I will work to accelerate your sales, by helping your team ask the right questions so that your customer's frame of view of themselves and their buisness is challenged by developing commerical insights. I will help you build a Customer Success capability which will ensure your customers stick with you.




You need me if;

  • You're struggling to build the engagement needed to insert data into your corporate culture,​

  • You know that your information asset is valuable to you, but you don't know how to deliver against that feeling,

  • You're a leader of change and want to consider the economic value of your information and how that enables business value,

  • You know that becoming data-literate is a competency that your organisation needs.

I will help you to build "Information as a Second Language" within your organisation, the capability which enables data-literacy. I will provide insight into the value of your information asset so you can weaponise your data and monetise your information.



Straight Talking Advice

You need me if;

  • You're considering creating a start-up and would like advice from someone who has been there and done that

  • You need an experienced Business Analyst and Requirements Engineer who will cut through the noise to get you what you need

  • You want to increase yours or your organisations data literacy in a practical way which creates results,

  • You simply need someone to talk to who has been through everything you're going through now.

I will work with you to achieve the outcome you need to create the success you require. I offer a no-holds-barred perspective which will help you meet you ambitious aims.



Don't take my word for it...


Neil is one of the brightest people I've had the pleasure to work with. Neil's specialized skill, engaging and energized personality, and the quality of his work is hard to match. LINQ is downright revolutionary for a space that hasn't seen innovation like this in a while. If you deal with systems mapping, have a challenge in front of you that requires a clear map of the battlefield, or simply live in flow charts, you must demo LINQ. 

While Neil is pro, the platform speaks for itself and is truly an exciting addition to any organization working on a digital transformation. 

I have the highest regards for Neil and look forward to LINQ's impact on the world.

Marty Bhatia, G Suite Ninja

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