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Challenging Through Curiosity

I am a problem solver. Through critical thinking; taking a transactional approach to identifying individual, group and organisational aims, I bring a nimbleness and creativity to the process of helping people and businesses make a difference.

Taking people on the journey is critical; over the years of my career, I have made it a priority to treat people as individuals, listening to their ideas and concerns and involving them in the process of change to enable the business culture to evolve to deliver value.

My technical understanding coupled with my business knowledge enables me to translate the most complex ideas into simple language that everyone can understand so that decisions are made based on evidence.

My work helps build a true understanding of where a business is today and where it can be in the future, accounting for the opportunity presented by the technical advances available to us as we strive to meet the demands of the Digital Citizen.


Raised $5M in funding for the development of LINQ

Co-founded and invented the LINQ SaaS platform and methodology, generating $1M ARR in 24 months

Co-invented the prototype version of CINCS carbon risk SaaS platform, Climate IQ

Created New Zealand's first cloud-based GIS application hosting platform, GeoCirrus

Doubled size & profitability of NorthSouth GIS in 18 months

Built the 'as a service' GIS offering for CERA, post Canterbury Earthquake

Developed and recruited for the Customer Care team in Esri UK, generating more than GBP500k new revenue in 12 months




Executive member of the Board; stakeholder management

Company strategy development; delivering long-term results

Financial Management of operational budget; maintaining operational integrity

Customer Success

Achieved subscription renewals above 90%

Delivered 10x ROI on customer investment

Developed customer success processes and implemented supporting technology


Development of company sales process, presentation material and demonstration of platform

Highly competent in the Challenger sales technique; developing an ARR of $1M

Successfully sold into Utility, Healthcare, Telco, Local and Central Government sectors

Developed Partner programme and partner go-to-market strategies to enable sales


Developed collateral for the marketing of LINQ; created relevance in a developing market

Authored material for the LINQ blog; communication of the benefits of LINQ in a focused way

Presented at industry events; delivering commercial insights


Co-author of the LINQ methodology; creating the worlds first "infonomics" platform

Continued R&D to add new capabilities into the platform in response to industry need

Influence Ecology_edited.jpg


Influence Ecology teaches transactionalism. To transact is to enter into a consequence driven environment where your actions always have a consequence. Being able to articulate your aims in life and understanding what help you need to achieve them, allows you to create focus about the things you spend your time on. The reciprocal view is also true. If you understand the aims of others and how you can help them, you can enter into a mutually beneficial transaction. The transaction cycle is an interaction that takes place all of the time. Understanding the motivation at any phase of the transaction is key to success.

Key Characteristics

High awareness of self; I know where I add value to the transaction

Awareness of the personalities of others; how this influences how they operate within a transaction

Being an ambitious adult; I can articulate my aims in life and transact with others to help me achieve them

Undertaking accurate thinking; I understand the consequence of actions and deliberately setting out on a course to achieve my aims

Studied and achieved Fundamentals of Transaction from June 2016 to July 2017

Studied and achieved Mechanics and Practice from July 2017 to May 2018

I am now in Membership, undertaking continued study and mentoring from June 2018 to present



My career in Spatial Information was the result of studying Mapping Science at University. Since graduating I worked in organisations who gave me the opportunity to gain expertise in this industry.

Key Characteristics

Highly competent technologist; able to present complex ideas in a simple way

Problem, not solution; always focused on solving problems, not in love with the solution

Professional presenter; equally confident one on one, or to a room of people, speaking on a variety of specialist topics

Ordnance Survey; I became the GIS Manager running the team delivering demonstrations of digital products and data to customers

Ordnance Survey; I was seconded to the National Geospatial Data Framework as the Technical Director to develop data standards

Esri UK; I moved through the Presales team to become the Industry Vertical Lead supporting sales into industry domains

Esri UK; I created the Customer Care team, delivering proactive support to customers generating new reveunes

Eagle Technology; I moved to New Zealand and built the new Customer Care function

NorthSouth GIS; as General Manager I oversaw the daily operations of this GIS consultancy and helped double profit in 18 months

Spatial.IQ; I started this consultancy in October 2012 delviering specialist services across New Zealand, eventually transforming it into LINQ



Outside of work, I enjoy a varied and active lifestyle with my family.

I am a keen cook - a wannabe chef perhaps! I find spending hours in the kitchen on the weekend very therapeutic and a wonderful way to de-stress.

I practise Shaolin Kempo; a martial art which originated in China around 420AD and was made famous by the Shaolin Monks and Bruce Lee. The principles, values and ethics of "Budo", the warrior way, resonate with me; loyalty, honesty, integrity, respect, humility, dedication, honour, trustworthiness, spirit, discipline and dedication.

I work out several times a week with Hybrid Fitness - a local group run by Serge Lilo, a past All Black and Super Rugby player. High Intensity Interval Training keeps me sane! The connection between exercise and mental health is well documented and working out with friends is a great way to ensure the rest of life remains positive.

I enjoy the outdoors whether walking my dog with the family, kayaking or scuba diving. Getting outside whatever the weather is a gift.

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