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See Through the Trees

Welcome to With A Fresh Set Of Eyes! I very much appreciate you taking the time to visit my site and read my blog.

I plan to publish thought provoking articles on topics that I, and hopefully you, find interesting. As you will have seen from my profile, that is likely to include thoughts on how better management of the information assets we rely on can accelerate the mobilisation of our business, ensuring that we remain successful as we meet the ever evolving needs of the Digital Citizen.

I'm also going to share my thoughts on being in a start-up. There's not enough advice out there and it's a tough game to be in. Given that I have been through that process, living that life for the past 5 and a half years, I thought I should share what I have learnt in the hope that it inspires others.

I'd also like to introduce the study that I have been doing in transactionalism and how this personal learning is helping me to see the world in a different way. Understanding that we are always transacting with other people and that there is a consequence to every transaction is knowledge that can be applied to every aspect of life; personal and business relationships can be improved if you begin to consider your aims and how you can help meet them.

I will try to use a variety of media including video to keep your interest. My good friend Stew Darling has shown just what can be done with video through his site a 80 Summers.

For now, welcome, and I look forward to getting my first content up soon.

Ready for a conversation now? Get in touch with me at

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