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Welcome to the Business Case Revolution

Business Case Revolution

It is my opinion that today's Executives are struggling to maintain a quality of life which means they can meet their personal aims. Work takes over and this directly impacts the time outside of the business. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about business finances or a meeting I am preparing for. I struggle to turn my mind off and fail to get back to sleep. I expect that I am not alone.

We all work hard to ensure we can deliver quality results within our organisations. Our personal identity, our reputation amongst our peers is connected to the results we deliver. It can make us work harder than we want to - the fear of repuational damage drives many hours of extra effort; time that we should be spending keeping ourselves well - sleeping enough, eating properly, getting some exercise in, spending time with family - essentially meeting our personal aims for a good life.

As you will have no doubt realised, I am the CEO of LINQ - an organisaiton striving to change the way that C Level Executives think about how they manage and deliver change within their organisations. Through that work, I have come to realise that today's executives struggle due to a lack of decision intelligence They don't have enough information to understand the actions they should take to ensure the continued success of their business. I'd like to do something about that; make decisions easier, ensure they are based in evidence and help reduce the stress associated with wondering if you have just done the right thing.

One area of critial concern for me is how business cases for change are written. The process hasn't changed for as long as I have been involved in it. It remains in the dark ages. I have just written a grandly titled "Manifesto" - Welcome to the Business Case Revolution which I invite you to read, and if you also think that this is something we can resolve, I'd ask you to share it amongst your community. I hope that we can give the many people involved in the process precious time back, save lots of money and most importantly, help business leaders say yes to change which has a high probability of being successful.

I am very interested in getting feedback on this, so if you have any thoughts you'd like to share, please get in touch with me at and let's talk some more.

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